Where Woo Woo Meets Practical
  • Discover Your Personal Spiritual Plan
  • ​Enjoy Daily Yoga & Qigong
  • Learn Ancient Wisdom Teachings in plain English with easy to apply practices
  • Relax in comfortable accomodations with 3 healthy meals per day included
Have you encountered these problems with
Modern spirituality.... ?
"Church ptsd"
Church ptsd
New Age "It's all good"
"Gongs and chanting"
21 Days of Inspiration 
Bite sized inspirations to guide your day and path.
A breath of spiritual fresh air,! 
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"After this training, I now feel less alone on the spiritual path and I feel more like I can call in things that are going to be positive for my health [...] and moving towards where I want to go, 
where I want to be. "
Practical Spirituality Bootcamp
"I feel connected. I feel more understanding. I feel more willing, more purposeful and I feel really grateful to have had this wonderful experience with everyone here. "
"I feel freer. And I feel like i can really step forward into this way that I want to be. And it feels pretty good. 

There’s less fear, more love, more “ I have direction and I know what it is and I’m going to stick with it.” Everything about this has been so wonderful. "

"I’ve learned that meditation and paying attention to our inner thoughts is really important. I’ve learned to ask my body and look at how my body responds to questions and that’s where I can get some answers.

So I feel like a very changed person. I feel much lighter than when I came. "

​If you’ve been yearning for something deeper...

If you're ready to go beyond mere mental knowledge into embodied, personal experience...

If you want to build a personal spiritual foundation that feels right for you...

Practical Spirituality Bootcamp (TM) is what you've been looking for.

This retreat is designed to deepen your personal spiritual practice with time-tested, practical tools that create lasting change in your daily life.

If you know organized religion isn't your jam, but your dabbling here and there hasn't really created lasting change, this could be for you.
Practical Spirituality Bootcamp TM is a 6-night retreat that welcomes women and heart-centered men from all paths to experience a deepeninng of their spiritual practice in a supported, contemplative environment. 

 Spend your days gaining practical, body-integrated experience as well as technical and theortical know-how based on ancient spiritual non-dual wisdom.

You'll learn our step-by-step process for practically aligning with your true Self while understanding the workings of your Inner World in ways that improve your daily life.

After three tasty meals per day, guided meditation, gentle yoga, qigong energy practices and reflective exercises, relax in the natural splendor of the land and the peace of retreat.