How to Walk Your
Healer Path 
Without Jumping from Training to Training for the Next 10 Years
Leslie Huddart L.Ac.
Healer & Spiritual Guide

True Confidence
As your "new normal"
Life Purpose
Finding your Inner Compass
A Daring Tribe that Sees Your Greatness
Katie G.
Body Wisdom Academy Graduate
 "I decided to do this training because I was ready for the next level in my life and needed a little help to get there.
 Now, I’m able to live more in my body instead of up in my head and tap into my body and what it needs, as it arises.

 I have a lot less anxiety I’m just calmer and more peaceful in my everyday life. "

Michelle B.
Body Wisdom Academy Graduate
 "I feel like I've gotten a special behind-the-scenes tour of empowerment. "

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A proven system for developing true confidence and life direction.  Get past the hidden blocks that have been holding you back.  Personal guidance for your life path and success. Take your life to the next level using ancient wisdom and expert guidance.
"The Body Wisdom Academy is definitely a way of becoming really good friends with your body and really listening to the wisdom that's there.

It's a way of coming into your power and it's the secret energy things that are going on that are the important aspects to that work of embodiment and power. "

Michelle B.
Leader of the Tiger Women Tribe
BWA Graduate
"I'm walking away with the ability to put myself first and not my job, or the chores, or whatever stupid little thing that comes up that was 'super important' ...

It's been really helpful for me to get clarity and feel that I do have a direction or path. "

BWA Graduate
"The months span that we've done this has just been so full of unexpected, stressful things... I've noticed that I've been able to handle that a lot better.  "

Angel A.
BWA Graduate
Is This Right For You?
Find out how The Body Wisdom Academy can help you with the life, relationship and personal results you're looking for with a personalized Strategy Session.
We have a bold belief that your :
Outer World Problems:
  • Unfulfilling Relationships
  • Lack of True Confidence
  • Success in Work 
....Are Actually....
Inner World Problems:
  • Unconscious Beliefs about what You Deserve
  •  The Health of Your Energetic Subtle Body System
  • Left-over blocks from past experiences
When you understand how this process really works (and it will surprise you) you step into the confident, purposeful control center or your life.  Let us show you how...
" It’s changed my relationships in that I’ve stopped depending on outer relationships to fulfill me and I’m really taking the leap towards my own fulfillment.  "

Meredith S.
BWA Graduate
" I notice that I’m less scattered and more present.  I question less the choices I make on a day to day basis. I feel like I have more energy and vitality for things. 

I’d like to recommend it to a lot of people.  "

Mica G.
BWA Graduate
"It’s not just a blanket XYZ tool. It really keys into your specific issue and what you need to do to get to the bottom of it. So there really isn’t anyone that wouldn’t benefit from this.
The evidence of it is less stress, more understanding more awareness and being able to get to it right away instead of waiting for months to take care of it.  "

Wendy R.
BWA Graduate
Take Your Next Step:
Trying to 
If you look closely, the women who are really living their ideal lives, enjoying fulfilling relationships, and showing up as their confident selves....all have had support to get there.

I guarantee it.

Are you ready to join the ranks of bad-ass women living their ideal, soul-purposeful lives?
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