What you don't know about your Energy Type is 
holding you back. 
Understand your Energetic Type and unlock the secrets to 
better life, health & relationships.
The secrets to truly knowing :
* what's "right" for you, 
* to creating great relationships,
*and better health are literally
It's true!
Ancient spiritual and healing sciences recognized that there are different Energetic Types
and knowing yours allows you to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and your family and friends that will give you that "ah-ha!" moment of it all finally making sense.
I want you to have the relief
of confidently knowing what's right for YOU
without being victim to passing fads 
or someone else's definition of "normal."
I know the pain of that struggle because it's been a part of my own path. 
For Years
I secretly struggled with anxious feeling
..of not being good enough
..trying to live up to everyone else's expectations
..not really owning my gifts.
Hi, I'm Leslie. 
Today, I am my happiest, most confident self and I help individuals heal and change their lives through my workshops and self mastery training programs. 

I have laser beam clarity about my gifts and life purpose and I easily say "no" to things that aren't for me, without feeling guilty.

My personal relationships are a source of joy and support in my life and I feel so blessed to have found a soul-mate relationship.

But these wonderful things didn't just magically appear in my life.....

Leslie Huddart L.Ac. 
Healer & Spiritual Guide
I learned from the ancient spiritual and healing sciences of the world and began to implement them in my own daily life.  The results were transformative and are the foundation I stand on today. 
I learned that I had a unique constitution and gifts that were significantly different from the family I grew up in, and learned to embrace instead of hide them.  

I learned that my body and energy type needed different types of food and routines and I improved my health in college even when my doctor had only life long drug solutions.  

And importantly, I learned how to recognize other people's types which allowed me to stop taking some of their actions personally and I developed more intimacy and connection.

I made the mistake, like most people do, of thinking that being "smart" was the key to everything. After all, these are the things we hear people say...
Work Hard
Do Good In School
Do the Right Thing
Be Nice...
...and everything will be great.  Right?   Well, newsflash, it wasn't! 
Does this sound like you?
  • You look at your life and tell yourself you "should" be happy but feel something is missing.
  • You struggle with friends who seem to not really "get you" or feel its hard to really be "met" in relationships.
  • You feel you generally have mostly healthy habits but can feel low energy, foggy headedness or lack of zest for life.
  • ​ As a parent, you struggle knowing how to nurture each child in the way they need, especially if they seem so different from you.
  • ​You want to feel more calm and centered but feel things like meditation are too difficult.   
If you identified with any of the statements above, the Know Your Type Course is for you. 
Understand Your Unique Type Today
Every person has a special and individual way 
of understanding themselves and their relationships.
Knowing how to use this gift is the key to
conscious, meaningful contribution to the world. 
" I’m always in search of ways of better understanding myself to be happier and healthier and this course helped me do just that. 

 Knowing my type also gave me more insights into my Metal type in the areas of staying active and exercising.

I now understand my constitutional challenge more clearly and have stopped beating myself up about it as much. This allowed me to simply focus on it as something that I just need to work on.
I’ve also learned how to understand the people around me more deeply and this has improved our communication. By knowing people’s nature, I feel like I can relate to them better.
I liked the structure of the course and the preface at the beginning of each module. I was able to go at my own pace which helped the material click and make sense for my learning style. "
- Judy
What will I learn during the course?
Modules are laid out in an easy-to-use, intuitive format with a simultaneous slide presentation and video teaching format.

  • Videos: included with every module
  • Handouts: To deepen your knowledge and practice 
  • Mp3 Audio: So you can download and listen to lessons on the go
Module 1: The Elements
In this introductory module you will be introduced to the elements, their characteristics and expression in nature and people
  • Learn the characteristics of the five elements
  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge for working with the elements in your daily life 
  • Learn how the elements express themselves and how to recognize their characteristics so you can see their influence on yourself and others
Module 2: Knowing YOUR Type
Learn how to identify the elements in yourself and others and how you can accurately assess what elements are present
  • Why the hands and body serve as ways of identifying the elements
  • How to make assessments of your type based on the characteristics of your hands and body
  • Learning how to recognize challenges when identifying your type and how to work through them
" Even though I had prior understanding of similar systems like the 5 Elements from reading books or the internet, this interactive approach had a much more profound influence on my everyday experiences. 
I understand my own style of expression much more now. Before taking this course, when emotions like anger and frustration would come up,  I would feel like it was a really bad thing or that there was something wrong with me. 

Now, knowing this system, I’m able to deal with this much more objectively with more acceptance and compassion for myself. 
It’s also become a tool that helps me relate to others with more kindness and less judgement. The Know Your Type course has improved my friendships and relationships. "
                                                                                           - Jay
Module 3: Individual Types
An in-depth discovery of the elements and their specific gifts, challenges, and talents for each of the 5 elemental types 
  • Understand the emotional constitutions for each type so you can build awareness of your own daily emotions and reactions
  • The gifts and challenges of each element so you can see where your natural talents lie
  • Guideposts for working with and honoring each type so you can improve your relationships with others!
Module 4: Health & Your Type
Learn about how the elements relate to body systems and your health profile, so you can achieve your optimum state of wellness
  • Recognize imbalances in the body so you can begin to take steps towards maintaining balance
  • Learn specific correlations between the elements and various organ systems in the body
  • Build a deeper relationship with your body by getting to intimately know what your body needs and how to give yourself the care you deserve!
Bonus Material !
  • ​Course guide and plan to keep you on track 
  • ​Printable worksheets for each module
  • ​MP3 files to download so you can listen and review on the go!
  • ​Resources for creating a daily practice of incorporating your type into your life 
  • ​Discounted session to work with Leslie in a one-on-one setting to learn more about yourself and your type  
  • ​BONUS MODULES: Anxiety Types and Herbs for Different Anxiety Types
"Leslie's approach to the philosophy and wisdom of ancient medicine is truly a journey through the lens of holistic healing for relationships and health. 
Her unique blend of Eastern ideas practically applied to modern Western society allows for a deeper understanding for our interactions, and relationships with others.
Even better her explanations and examples allow everyone, novices to skilled practitioners alike to engage with the information so it becomes easy to use these skills in everyday life. 

I found the more I learned about and applied the lessons from the "Know Your Type" course, I noticed my relationships started to shift and I was able to better understand myself and how I relate to those around me. Having this perspective aided in my ability to observe patterns and begin to work towards healthier and more aligned behaviors."
Ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself?
Common Questions about Know Your Type : Online Course
  • What happens after I've Paid and Enrolled in the Course?
Once you have paid via credit card using our secure Paypal link, make sure to click the "Return to Merchant" button at the bottom of the confirmation page.  This gives you your personal, instant access to the Know Your Type Course.  On the order page, you'll find our office number if you encounter any issues with the sign up process. 
  • What's your Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy?
I want you to get benefit from this course! You can test the Know Your Type Course 100% risk free for 30 days.  
If you complete the course and feel it didn't deliver the value promised, I will refund your investment. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: To qualify for a full refund, I’ll ask you to send me your completed module assignments for Modules 1 through 3. Why? Because I know that if you complete the work, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and you don’t get value, then I’ll happily refund you. That’s because I stand behind the integrity and value of this program.
  • How long is the Know Your Type Course Material available?
The course material is available for one year from the date of purchase.  You can download the audios, videos and worksheets to your computer so that they are your forever!!
  • What if I've never studied things like energy types or Oriental medicine? Will I still benefit? 
Yes! This course is designed in a way that is suitable for beginners as well as allowing more experienced students to gain deeper insights. 
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